Spiritual Warrior Training includes Trauma Sensitive Yoga based on Mindful Movements to calm the nervous system; Yoga Therapy to create stability and mobility; Yin yoga to release the connective tissues; and Hatha yoga creating a totally relaxing experience.


Meditation is the act of simply coming into the present moment and being aware of all that is. It is letting go the need to control and wrestling the mind, as it wants to dwell on the past and plan for the future. It is releasing the fear and suffering and finding the peace within and just notice. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation and can be found here. Click Here

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Spiritual Healings

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is a connection of the heart to the source. We enter a “Field” of energy, and a connectivity to the universe. With it brings information, light, and a knowingness and ultimately a healing in a form that is meant for you. Healing is a process and goes at the pace that is correct for you. Sometimes the healing is immediate, but however it appears, you will feel it, you will experience it.