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Spiritual Warrior Training: Yoga, Meditation, and Spiritual Awareness
Spiritual Healings
Yoga Nidra Audios
Tarot Card Readings

Spiritual Warrior Training


Spiritual Warrior Training is offered as an Eight week or a Two Day Intensive program which includes, individual private Spiritual Healing Sessions and class time in:

  • Mindful Yoga,
  • Meditation, and
  • Spiritual Awareness.

Upon completion of the training you will be provided with enough information to continue with your own unique home practice in Yoga and Meditation.  You will leave with a greater understanding of Spiritual Awareness and Spiritual Healing. Since each participant is unique, so too will be your healing process.  However, a door will have been opened for you to experience a greater sense of awareness, understanding, knowingness, and peace. Where this path takes you is yours to discover. 

Mindful Yoga Movements classes include breath awareness, body awareness, and present moment awareness or mindfulness.

As a Yoga Therapist, Monica helps create mobility.

Mindful Yoga Movements will include a combination of Trauma Sensitive Yoga to calm the nervous system, Yoga Therapy to create stability and mobility, Yin yoga to release the connective tissues and Hatha yoga, creating a totally relaxing experience. 

Meditation classes include providing techniques to train the mind to focus and quiet the mind to break the addiction to thinking. You will build resilience to remain non-reactive to stimuli, resulting in changes in your behavior.

The courage of a Spiritual Warrior is needed, should uncomfortable feelings or emotions come to the surface during Meditation.   

Spiritual Awareness classes include learning a series of exercises to tap into your own innate ability to heal. You become aware and increase your Life Force Energy. You will learn the art of Spiritual Healing and be guided by your own intuition.

Spiritual Healers need only to stay curious.

Investment: Varies with the number of participants.  Check  to stay current. 

Spiritual Healings with Monica Muller

“Lets experience together what your healing brings for you. I welcome you with an open heart.”

Spiritual Healing Artist, Monica facilitates Spiritual Healings.


Reconnective Healing

Monica, a Reconnective Healing Functional Practitioner will provide you with a healing that is meant for you.

During a Reconnective Healing (RH) session, Monica steps into a “Field” of energy that brings about healing.  Treatments only treat the symptom, whereas RH is a healing which address the whole and returns you to your optimal state of balance. As we both connect to this higher frequency of energy you will have your own unique experience. Perhaps you might see colours, light, receive information, or feel various sensations.  Whatever your experience, you will feel a greater sense of harmony and peace. Your healing process will continue long after you have left your session.

The usual number of RH sessions received over a lifetime is three.  Each healing is different and unique.  Perhaps you will experience an immediate healing or the healing process is longer, at pace that is correct for you. But however it appears, you will feel it, you will experience it.  

A full spectrum healing which tends to be life-changing providing energy, light and information to bring about mental clarity, balance, emotional stability, awareness, and improved overall health.

Investment: $120 Check  for specials. 

A Personal Reconnection

The Crème de la crème experience.

If you’ve ever asked – “Who am I?” or “What am I really doing here? and want to know your life’s purpose, then a Personal Reconnection will help your find your way onto you path in this world and this life-time. 

We all have come into this world as a fragmented self. During your Reconnection you will be connected through meridian axiotonal lines with the earth and to the universe. You will be connected through these grid lines to the source. These grid lines will be permanently connected and provide continuous information, resulting in a rise of intuition and reconnecting your fragmented self to become whole again. 

Again, you may ask: "Why should I do this?" The answer my friend is, for re-integration, to be able to come into a place of self-acceptance, to experience the light of awareness of who you truly are, understand your life’s purpose and come back to wholeness, oneness, to "That Which Is" (Solomon Speaks, on Reconnecting your Life by Dr. Eric Pearl and Federick Ponzlov, Hay House, Inc. 2013.)

This once in a lifetime experience is conducted over two days. 

Investment: $333 for the two sessions

Yoga Nidra

Monica provides Yoga Nidra classes and audios are found here.

Free audios will be available shortly – please check back.  We’re under construction, thank you for your patience. 


Tarot Card Readings

Monica has developed the gift of providing Tarot Card Reading.

As an intuitive being who channels information, Monica offers Osho Zen Tarot card readings.


This spirit of adventure card came when she asked what is the appropriate card for someone who wants a Tara Reading.  Come and be an adventurer and see what the cards have in store for you.  “Full of trust, out of the darkness of the forest into the rainbow of the light, we go step by step, drawn by our sense of wonder into the unknown.” Osho Zen Tarot 


Cost: $35 and varies if provided with another service. 


Workshops are offered from time to time or as requested.  They are always well attended and lots of fun.  Contact Monica if you have a special event or special friends who want to enjoy some group activities: yoga, meditation, or healing.  Monica will custom design a Workshop to meet your needs.

Please  to ensure you are informed and don’t miss out.

Cost: Varies with services provided. Limited to 6-8 persons. 

Yoga Nidra with Spiritual Healing demonstration and Tara Card reading Workshop

Spiritual Healing Demonstration with Meditation Workshop

Couples Healing Workshop – book a private class or with other couples

Ladies Spa Day – Book a day with Monica and enjoy some gentle Yoga, Meditation, homemade Spa treatments, and Group Healing. 

A full day of fun that includes a Light Lunch.